Wednesday, March 2, 2011

quite nervous

I just posted on lookbook... and I'm a little anxious about it.

The vintage sweater is from Katherine at I'm also wearing my favorite hat from Urban Outfitters. I always call those boots my Tough Boots because the lace up and buckles make me feel like a badass...

My birthday is in a couple of days. I promised myself to really start this blog before i turn 17, and hopefully I will keep up with it! For now, heres another picture of my outfit. I have to continue to experiment with my instax to create interesting outfit photos, but sometimes using my digital camera is so much easier:

Thank you!

Monday, February 28, 2011

instant gratification

I like consistency. My little instant camera offers that. Even though it's fun experimenting with all the settings on my digital camera, it's always certain when an instant photo will come out well. You can feel it. There's no need to retake. Even though I regret the occasional mess up, its fun to ruin them and make better art. But few things are better than capturing a moment in a perfect little rectangle that I can hold, at least for me. So simple, and clean, and consistent.
A lunch I made for my dad in the old house. Cool water on a hot winter day. And the first snowfall of the year. 

I plan on sharing my style this week. I've been brainstorming outfits forever!  I want to make neat little photos of my favorite things to wear... I hope it goes well.  
 Thank you!

Monday, November 1, 2010


I figure that "sanguine" defines me....

this will be about style. life. etc.